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Play Matters Dubai

PlayMatters Dubai presents: PEKiP-based playgroups for babies and their parents

Our website is still under construction, but we are running!

Now enrolling families with babies born in August-November 2021 and July-August 2022! (see more info below)

PlayMatters Playgroups is a one-year program that supports your family through the first year with a baby

  • What? A stable group of up to 8 babies of the same age and their parents led by a certified instructor.

  • Doing what? Once a week: a 90-minutes parent-baby playgroup; once a month: a workshop for parents on a chosen topic; year-round: a private whatsapp group for continuous support.

  • What does it support? Parent-baby attachment, parental sensitivity and intuitive behaviour, making informed choices in parenting, baby's natural development, open-ended play, active movement, parent's and baby's gentle socialization, each member's uniqueness.

  • Which topics? Infant development: motor, cognitive, verbal, psycho-emotional; play; toys and baby gear; babywearing; starting solids; attachment; mindful parenting, parental sensitivity; co-regulation, stress response and trauma.

  • Based on what? PEKiP program (Germany), "Parents And Children: The First Year" program (Moscow), School for Motor Development (Moscow), "Early Childhood" Program (Moscow)

  • Who can join: Currently enrolling families with babies born in August-November 2021 and July-August 2022. *Program is inclusive for premature and special needs babies.

  • Location? A bright spacious room in Al Quoz (exit 43).

  • Payments? Paid in blocks of 5 weeks, 600 aed each. *It's possible to join for one or several blocks only.

PlayMatters Playgroups in details:

  • The meeting lasts 90 MINUTES which include time for settling in, undressing babies, playing, changing or feeding babies (if necessary), asking questions, getting the instructor’s feedback (if needed), discussing current parenting topics, exchanging news.

  • Babies can join a playgroup anytime between 4 WEEKS old (if they have regained their birth weight) and 14 MONTHS old.

  • Playgroups are led by a CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR who proposes games, provides materials, shares useful information, and facilitates discussions.

  • BABIES are being gently encouraged to move actively, to learn and practice new skills, to socialize with other babies of the same age, and to explore in a safe environment. They are active participants in each game, free to explore, to follow their interests and to show their personalities.

  • PARENTS are encouraged to play creatively with their babies, to mindfully observe them, to respond to their needs, and to help them in a gentle stimulating way. Parents get to meet other families with babies of the same age, to discuss what’s on their minds, and to ask for the group leader’s input, if needed.

  • The group’s SETTING creates slow, calm, safe atmosphere that is very good for babies, helps parents to practice their mindfulness, and is perfect for strengthening the parent-baby attachment. Room temperature is kept warm because babies stay without clothes to ensure freedom of movement, to support body awareness, and to stimulate bonding with the parent.

  • All GAMES encourage babies to move in different ways, plus can be focused on parent-baby bonding or baby-baby interaction.

Email to for enrolling request.
Please include your names and baby's date of birth.

We offer private play sessions and consultations as well.

Our area of expertise is the early infancy (0-12 months), including:

  • infant development (motor, cognitive, verbal, psycho-emotional);

  • all aspects of play (toys, play space, types of activities, play behaviours);

  • baby gear; babywearing; starting solids;

  • parenting a baby: attachment, mindful parenting, parental sensitivity, co-regulation;

  • stress responses and trauma in parents and infants.